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    About SMR
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    Bao Ding Shi Simaier Electric Co., Ltd. is located in "China Electric Valley"--Baoding National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It is specialized in modernization of power system automation, relay protection, instrumentation research and development, production, sales and service. high-tech enterprises.

    With its professional level and mature technology in the field of automation, the company has rapidly emerged in the power industry, taking technological innovation as the premise of enterprise development, backed by high-level electric power colleges, and grasping the technological frontier based on huge and high-quality employees. Independently design and develop products to continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the products and the dominant position of the market.

    The company strictly controls the products in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system procedures and standards, introduces advanced modern management concepts and business models, and gives full play to the technical advantages in the production process, and strictly controls the quality, effectively improving the technology of the products. Stability and reliability of content and use.

    Based on the principle of good faith management, the company promises to users in the three stages of pre-sale, sale and after-sales: to meet the needs of high-quality products, to meet the demand with fast speed, and to satisfy customers with thoughtful service. The company's products are widely used in electric power, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, coal, mining and petrochemical industries, and won the trust of users.

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