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    Graphic analysis characteristics of fault recorder

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    The selection of fault recorder startup mode can ensure that the fault recorder can be reliably started in case of any type of fault in the system, generally including the following startup modes: negative sequence voltage, low voltage, overcurrent, zero sequence current and zero sequence voltage.

    The fault recording device is used to record the electrical quantity, non electrical quantity and switching quantity in the power system. It records and monitors the analog quantity and event quantity in the system to generate fault waveforms for faults, exceptions and other events in the system, and sends them to the remote master station. It analyzes and calculates the waveforms through the processing of the analysis software, Thus, the severity of the distance from the fault occurrence point to the fault nature can be accurately judged.

    The graphic analysis software for fault recorder has a friendly user interface, which is very powerful. Compared with similar software products, it has the advantages of stable operation, convenient use, flexible operation, etc. The graphic analysis software includes waveform analysis, harmonic analysis, vector analysis, list analysis, impedance trajectory analysis and ranging analysis.

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