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    Baoding Shimeier Electric Co., Ltd. mainly undertakes the general contracting business of various types of power engineering such as intelligent microgrid, power transmission substation, photovoltaic power station, thermal power generation, hydropower generation and wind power station below 35KV. Have an experienced project management team and skilled technical team. Always adhering to the project management philosophy of “Quality wins the market, integrity creates the brand”, the project standardization management is fully implemented. With reliable quality and excellent service, we have won the trust of our customers.
    • The intelligent microgrid includes an AC/DC hybrid microgrid system, an intelligent DC microgrid control system, and an intelligent AC microgrid control system. The microgrid supports two operating modes, grid-connected and isolated. In the grid-connected mode of operation, it is generally connected to the medium and low-voltage distribution network in parallel, supporting each other to achieve two-way exchange of energy. In the case of external power grid failure, it can be designed for the isolated network operation mode, continue to supply power to important loads in the microgrid, and improve the reliability of power supply for important loads. By adopting advanced control strategies and control methods, the microgrid can ensure high power quality power supply, and can also realize seamless switching between the two operating modes.

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